Nim, the North-East Observatory on the innovation economy, is born

Nim, the North-East Observatory on the innovation economy, is born

December 7 2023

The North-East Observatory on the Economy of Innovation is born Nim, (Numbers Innovation Motion) is a Galileo Visionary District project created in collaboration…

The artificial intelligence market is growing, worth 1,9 billion, in 2027 it will be worth 6,6 billion

December 5 2023
Ercole Palmeri

With an estimated value of 1,9 billion euros in 2023, growing to 6,6 billion in 2027. The…

Future Energy: Musk's Plan for a Giant Solar Farm

December 5 2023

Elon Musk's idea for a solar energy future According to Elon Musk, the energy needs of the entire United States…

Clash between ChatGPT and the environment: dilemma between innovation and sustainability

December 5 2023

In the vast landscape of artificial intelligence, OpenAI's ChatGPT emerges as a technical marvel. However, behind the facade of innovation,…

New guidance on AI security published by NCSC, CISA and other international agencies

December 4 2023

The guidelines for developing safe AI systems were drawn up to help developers…

IT Security: how to protect yourself from Excel macro virus attacks

December 3 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Excel Macro Security protects your computer from viruses that could be transmitted to your computer via…

Excel macros: what they are and how to use them

December 3 2023
Ercole Palmeri

If you have a simple series of actions that you need to repeat multiple times, you can have Excel record these…

Innovation, the chip that deals with light arrives

December 2 2023

Optical wireless may no longer have obstacles. Study of the Polytechnic of Milan with Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, and…

Innovation in work organization: EssilorLuxottica introduces 'short weeks' in the factory

December 2 2023

In an era of great economic and social transformations, the urgency emerges to redesign new organizational models of companies to guide…

Artificial intelligence in healthcare, the 3rd AIIC meeting in Palermo

December 2 2023

What effective contribution can artificial intelligence make and is already making to the Italian healthcare and healthcare sector? This is…

Amazon launches new free training courses on generative artificial intelligence

November 29, 2023

Amazon's "AI Ready" initiative offers online classes for developers and other technical professionals, as well as high school students…

What is generative artificial intelligence: how it works, benefits and dangers

November 28, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Generative AI is the hottest tech discussion topic of 2023. What is generative AI, how does it work, and what…

Dialogue with Luigi Einaudi is possible today, thanks to artificial intelligence

November 28, 2023

Einaudi Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and Reply together to make Luigi Einaudi's cultural legacy accessible to all.…

AI-powered innovations at #RSNA23 that enable healthcare providers to focus on patient care

November 26, 2023

New innovations help hospitals and health systems consistently provide patients with accessible, high-quality care…

Coldiretti Forum: focus on Made in Italy supply chains, innovation and circular economy

November 25, 2023

The XXI International Agriculture and Food Forum took place in Rome. The event represents an important annual event for…

BLOCK3000 concludes a spectacular virtual event, uniting enthusiasts of Blockchain

November 24, 2023

BLOCK3000, the "first crypto event launchpad" and virtual conference dedicated to the technology blockchain, Web3 and cryptocurrencies, concluded with…

Visionary Leadership: Thriving in the Age of Accelerated Innovation will fuel discussion at Global Innovation Summit 2023 on December 12

November 24, 2023

HMG Strategy, the world's #1 platform that enables technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the world…

Global FinOps Market Growth Opportunities: Co-innovation and Partnerships in the Industrial Cloud Realm

November 23, 2023

The "FinOps: Current Ecosystem, Current State Forecasts, and Growth Opportunities" report has been added to's offering. Cloud The cloud has emerged…

With artificial intelligence, 1 in 3 people could work only 4 days

November 23, 2023

According to research by Autonomy focusing on the British and American workforce, artificial intelligence could enable millions of workers…

Green turning point in Italy for a more sustainable future: New Record in Electric Charging

November 21, 2023

Italy is rapidly establishing itself as one of the European leaders in the electric mobility sector, thanks to an impressive growth in…

Advanced Power Point: How to use PowerPoint Designer

November 20, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Working with PowerPoint can be difficult, but little by little you will realize the many possibilities that its functions can…

Power Point and Morphing: how to use the Morph transition

November 19, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

In the early 90s, a Michael Jackson music clip ended with a selection of faces of people…

Power Point: what animations and transitions are and how to use them

November 18, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Working with PowerPoint can be difficult, but little by little you will realize the numerous possibilities that its functions and…

Microsoft Power Point: how to work with Layers

November 17, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Working with PowerPoint can be difficult if you're new to it, but once you get the hang of it, you'll realize…

Excel Pivot Table: basic exercise

November 16, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

To better understand the objectives and effects of using a Pivot Table in Excel, let's see a step by step guide…

How to remove duplicate cells in an Excel sheet

November 15, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

We receive a collection of data, and at a certain point we realize that some of it is duplicated. We need to analyze…

How to find duplicate cells in an Excel sheet

November 15, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

One of the classic tasks for troubleshooting or cleaning an Excel file is to search for duplicate cells.…

Apple has hidden a bitcoin manifesto in every Mac since 2018, says tech blogger Andy Baio

November 13, 2023

Blogger Andy Baio wrote a post where he says he found a PDF of the original white paper…


November 11, 2023

Innovation and environment at the center of the 9th edition of the Genoa Smart Week. From ESG principles, new drivers for job creation,…

Race towards self-sufficiency: lithium batteries for electric cars

November 11, 2023

The race towards self-sufficiency in the production of lithium batteries continues at a crawl for Italy and Europe. Europe is…

Moving cars that produce energy: the sustainable future of Italian motorways

November 10, 2023

The conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy is a fundamental concept in physics, and now also a pioneering initiative to support…

Europe towards a new model of sustainability: the packaging industry at a crossroads

November 10, 2023

Environmental sustainability has reached a decisive turning point in the European Union. With new EU regulations on the way, the entire…

Hybrid work: what is hybrid work

November 8, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Hybrid work comes from the mix between remote work and face-to-face work. It is a method that…

Circana: catering is still too tied to the traditional while consumers ask for innovation

November 7, 2023

Norwegian Seafood Council organized a seminar, in Mestre on 26 October 2023, on Norwegian stockfish and cod in Italy.…

IDC predicts spending on GenAI solutions will reach $143 billion in 2027 with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 73,3%

October 25, 2023

A new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that companies will invest nearly $16 billion in total…

Innovation in the automotive world, DS Automobiles is the first brand to integrate ChatGPT onboard, the best-known generative artificial intelligence model

October 24, 2023

ChatGPT enters the automotive world. The ChatGPT integration enriches the DS Automobiles travel experience and the French art of travel. ChatGPT offers…

Gen Z prefers to share location with their parents

October 23, 2023

Gen Z seems okay with their parents using location-sharing apps to keep tabs on them.…

Banner cookies, what are they? Why are they there? Examples

October 22, 2023

In today's digital landscape, websites collect and use data to provide personalized experiences and targeted advertising. With the…

Innovation: ENEA at Maker Faire 2023 with superfoods and other solutions for food and sustainability

October 20, 2023

Baked foods with high added value obtained from agri-food waste, urban gardens for growing indoors without pesticides and with minimal use...

Health: radiotherapy, ENEA innovation to treat breast cancer

October 20, 2023

A team of ENEA researchers has developed an innovative prototype capable of treating breast cancer…

Learn how to do tests in Laravel with simple examples, using PHPUnit and PEST

October 18, 2023

When it comes to automated tests or unit tests, in any programming language, there are two opposing opinions: Loss…

Google will add a Discover feed to its desktop homepage

October 18, 2023

The search giant says it is experimenting with adding the feed. With this feed it will show news headlines,…

Roboverse Reply coordinates the EU-funded Fluently project, which aims to enable human-robot social collaboration by leveraging advances in AI

October 16, 2023

Reply announces that Roboverse Reply, the Reply Group company specializing in robotic integration, is leading the "Fluently" project. The…

Combining timeless heritage with cutting-edge innovation

October 13, 2023

Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited: The second season of the documentary series "The Master of Dunhuang" was presented…

Cash Flow Management Excel Template: Cash Flow Statement Template

October 11, 2023

Cash flow (or cash flow) is one of the main tools for effective financial statement analysis. Fundamental if you want…

Excel template for budget management: Financial Statement Template

October 11, 2023

The balance sheet represents the financial position of a company over the course of a financial year, every company can draw an overview from this document…

Excel template for managing the income statement: Profit and Loss Template

October 11, 2023

The income statement is the document that is part of the financial statements, which summarizes all the company operations that have…

Improving work-life balance: Wabi-Sabi, the art of imperfection

October 10, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese approach that helps improve the way we see our work and career.…

Will there be room for startups when the giants move?

October 10, 2023
Giuseppe Minervino

IntesaSanpaolo and Nexi strengthen their alliance in the world of digital payments. The two financial groups have launched SoftPos, a solution that…

Bright Idea: One-to-one scale mapping with Lifesize Plans

October 8, 2023

Architectural design has always necessarily been based on the representation of buildings before the building itself was built. Does not exist…

Windows 11 Copilot is here: our first impressions

October 7, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Microsoft has released one of its biggest updates for Windows 11 - Microsoft Copilot. It is a new digital assistant based…

Prada and Axiom Space together to design NASA's next generation spacesuits

October 5, 2023

Innovative partnership between a luxury Italian fashion house and a commercial space company. Axiom Space, architect of the first station…

Technology: automotive, new smart & green fabrics from recycled carbon fibre

October 5, 2023

The innovative TEX-STYLE project was born from the idea of ​​integrating electronics into fabrics. Innovating car interior trim thanks to the use of…

Formulas and matrices in Excel: what they are and how to use them

October 4, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Excel also provides array functions that allow you to perform calculations on one or more sets of values. In this article…

Python will innovate the way data analysts work in Excel

October 4, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Microsoft has announced the integration of Python into Excel. Let's see how the way analysts work will change...

Google allows publishers to turn off AI training data

October 3, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Google introduces the Google-Extended flag in the robots.txt file. The publisher can tell Google crawlers to include a site in…

Excel formulas: What are Excel formulas and how to use them

October 3, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The term "Excel formulas" can refer to any combination of Excel operators and/or Excel functions. An Excel formula is entered…

Excel statistical functions for calculating averages: Tutorial with examples, part two

October 2, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Excel provides a wide range of statistical functions that perform calculations from the basic mean, median and mode to the distribution…

Excel statistical functions: Tutorial with examples, part one

October 1, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Excel provides a wide range of statistical functions that perform calculations from the basic mean, median and mode to the distribution…

Pivot Tables: what they are, how to create in Excel and Google. Tutorial with examples

30 September 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Pivot tables are a spreadsheet analysis technique. They allow a complete beginner with zero experience…

The Copyright Trouble

30 September 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

The following is the second and last article of this newsletter dedicated to the relationship between Privacy and Copyright from…

Innovation for electric mobility and smart grids: new calcium-ion batteries

30 September 2023

ACTEA project, ENEA and Sapienza University of Rome will develop the new calcium-ion batteries. The new calcium-ion batteries as an alternative to…

Highlights from the 2023 AOFAS Annual Meeting Orthopedic Research and Innovation

28 September 2023

Over 900 orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons, advanced healthcare practitioners, orthopedic residents and medical students attended…

Boom in robotics: in 2022 alone, 531.000 robots will be installed worldwide. Estimated growth of 35% per year between now and 2027. THE PROTOLABS REPORT

28 September 2023

According to the latest Protolabs report on robotics for production, almost a third (32%) of respondents believe that in the next few years…

CNH awarded at the Agritechnica Innovation Awards for its technology in the agricultural field

27 September 2023

CNH is strongly committed to developing its technology to make agriculture simpler, more efficient and sustainable for its…

Neuralink begins recruitment for first-in-human clinical trial of a brain implant

26 September 2023

Neuralink, the neurotech startup owned by Elon Musk, recently announced that it will begin recruiting patients for its…

Privacy Loop: artificial intelligences in the labyrinth of Privacy and Copyright

26 September 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

This is the first of two articles in which I address the delicate relationship between Privacy and Copyright on the one hand,…

Brilliant Idea: HUDWAY DRIVE, innovation to keep you focused on the road

26 September 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Hudway is like a customizable Bluetooth projector to put near our steering wheel. In addition to speed and directions,…

The most innovative startups awarded: the 10 finalists of the ITALIAN MASTER STARTUP AWARD (IMSA) 2023

22 September 2023

The IMSA Award for young startups born from research within universities and…

The Zayed Sustainability Prize announces 33 finalists advancing global sustainability initiatives

18 September 2023

33 finalists selected from 5.213 applications in 163 countries Finalists advocate for impactful climate action and support access to clean energy,…

Emerging trends and innovations in biological research: from bench to bedside

17 September 2023

Biologics have emerged as an innovative pharmaceutical class, revolutionizing the field of medicine through targeted therapies. TO…

Nanotechnology in ocular drug delivery: small solutions for big challenges

13 September 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Nanotechnology has ushered in a new era in ocular drug delivery, offering small but powerful solutions to overcome challenges…

Research and innovation in Life Sciences, Italy eighth in the EU

13 September 2023

The research and innovation ecosystem in Italy is becoming progressively more competitive, with different areas of excellence but also important…

BeniCaros® Precision Prebiotic Wins Global Award for Plant-Based Health Innovation

12 September 2023

BeniCaros ® is a low-dose precision prebiotic from NutriLeads BV. BeniCaros ® was named best product in the Innovation category…

Inspect partners with Ronin to power Multi-Chain innovation

8 September 2023

Inspect, a leader in Web3 and NFT technology, offers users in-depth social sentiment analysis, proudly unveils an alliance…

Global Osteogenesis Osteogenesis Imperfecta Treatment Market, by Drugs by Route of Administration and by Region: Size, Share, Outlook and Opportunity Analysis, 2023 – 2030

7 September 2023

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a genetic disease that affects the bones and also prevents the body from building strong bones. This…

Brilliant idea: LUCILLA is the first portable lamp against mosquitoes

6 September 2023

MB Lighting Studio communicate the launch, on the platform Kickstarter, of the innovative portable lamp against mosquitoes: LUCILLA. MB's "boys"…

Italian Tech Week 2023, special focus on Artificial Intelligence: connection with Sam Altman of OpenAI

5 September 2023

The Italian Tech Week will be held from 27 to 29 September at the OGR in Turin During the inauguration on 27 September,…

Consciousness and manipulation of artificial minds

4 September 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

USA 80s, the military leaders of the United States of America dictate the new rules for planning a defense…

Jeton and West Ham United reach multi-year sponsorship deal

August 29 2023

Jeton Wallet is happy to announce a several-year extension to its partnership with West Ham United The innovative…

Inclusyon is born, the recruiting company uniquely specialized in the search and selection of personnel belonging to protected categories

August 29 2023

Based in Milan, it is one of the very few companies in Europe to be fully specialized in the search and selection of…

Innovative technology in jaundice management: We analyze the impact of the jaundice meter

August 26 2023

Jaundice is a condition characterized by yellowing of the skin and eyes, it affects individuals of all ages and can result…

BOC Sciences Introduces New XDC Bioconjugation Platform to Advance Biomedical Research

August 24 2023

BOC Sciences, a leading provider of research chemicals and customized services, unveiled its innovative research platform…

ChatGpt3: Nothing will be like before

August 22 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

Many wonder what the Web will be like in the near future in the light of new inventions in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The…

Trust me, the customer will never come back!”

August 21 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Years ago, Sam Walton, founder of the world's largest retail network, WalMart, opened a training program…

Technological Innovation: Advances in Clinical Laboratory Services

August 17 2023

Technological advances have revolutionized clinical laboratory services, improving the accuracy, efficiency and scope of diagnostic testing. These…

Differences between conversational AI and generative AI

August 16 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made great progress in recent years, revolutionizing various sectors and aspects of human life. Inside the…

Bentley Systems' iTwin Ventures Acquires Blyncsy, Provider of Innovative AI Services for Transportation Operations and Maintenance

August 16 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the infrastructure engineering software company, today announced the acquisition of Blyncsy. Blyncsy is a…

Hyperloop: the future of high-speed transport

August 15 2023
Ercole Palmeri

As our cities become increasingly crowded and our daily commute increasingly frustrating, the need…

Innovative Technique for the Brain: A Journey into the Revolutionary Field of Optogenetics

August 15 2023

The human brain, the complex command center of our bodies, has long fascinated scientists and researchers. In recent years it has…

CRISPR Beyond the Lab: Transforming Industries and Reshaping the Future

August 14 2023

The impact of technology CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) goes far beyond the confines of laboratory experiments. This…

What is a Single Page Application? Architecture, benefits and challenges

August 13 2023
Ercole Palmeri

A Single Page Application (SPA) is a web app that is presented to the user via a single HTML page to be more…

Seamless Integration into Healthcare: The Benefits of Point of Care (PoC) Data Management Systems.

August 13 2023

In today's healthcare landscape, the ability to seamlessly integrate information and processes is critical to delivering effective patient care…

Screening innovation: the role of automated liquid handling in high throughput screening

August 12 2023

Automated high-throughput screening (HTS) is a powerful technique used in drug discovery, genomics, and…

Nootropic Brain Supplement Market: Boosting Cognitive Function with Science

August 11 2023

In today's fast-paced world, mental performance and cognitive enhancement have become increasingly important. As a result, the…

Workiva strengthens its position as a leader in the platform sector with the integration of generative AI

August 11 2023

Workiva Inc., the world's number one cloud platform for a stable and integrated generative reporting system, announced…

Innovations in Surgical Tourniquet Technology: Advances in Patient Care

August 10 2023

The field of surgical tourniquets has witnessed significant advances over the years, driven by the search for better…

What is a WebSocket and how does it work

August 9 2023
Ercole Palmeri

WebSocket is a TCP-based bi-directional communication protocol that standardizes communication between a client and a server,…

Innovation and advancements in wearable sensor networks and IoT integration

August 8 2023

Wearable sensors have opened up new possibilities for human-computer interaction (HCI), enabling seamless interactions between individuals and…

Incremental innovation: state-of-the-art biotech tools

August 8 2023

Innovation is at the heart of progress, and cutting-edge biotech tools are enabling scientists to push the boundaries…

Innovative approaches for the early diagnosis of avian diseases in poultry farming

August 7 2023

In poultry farming, early diagnosis of avian diseases is essential to prevent epidemics and minimize the…

Recycled Plastic Pellets Market, Market Size Company Overview, Business Outlook 2023-2030

August 7 2023

The market for recycled plastic pellets is experiencing significant growth as the world embraces the importance of sustainable practices…

Important metrics for Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

August 6 2023
Ercole Palmeri

When it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, we all know that the data to monitor conditions is…

Industrial Coatings Market by Product Type, by Distribution Channel and 2030 Forecast

August 6 2023

The industrial coatings market plays a crucial role in the protection and improvement of the surfaces of various products, structures…

The future of clinical trials: Embrace virtual clinical trials for greater efficiency and patient centricity

August 5 2023

Clinical trials are a crucial component of medical research, providing evidence of the safety and efficacy of new treatments…

The power of rapid diagnostics: Transform healthcare with speed and accuracy

August 4 2023

Rapid diagnostics, a revolutionary branch of medical technology, has emerged as a game changer, enabling healthcare professionals…

Glucose Excipients Market: Current Trends, Analysis and Future Prospects

August 2 2023

Glucose excipients market refers to the market for glucose-based substances that are used as…

What is a webhook and how do you use it?

August 1 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Webhooks allow web-based applications to interact through the use of custom callbacks. Using webhooks allows applications…

Global Fibrinolytic Therapy Market: Current Trends, Analysis and Future Prospects

August 1 2023

The fibrinolytic therapy market refers to the pharmaceutical sector that deals with the development, production and distribution of drugs…

Nasal Care Market Outlook, Opportunity Report and Forecast 2030 | CMI extension

July 30 2023

Maintaining good health is a top priority for people all over the world. One aspect of health often…

Augmented Reality Market in Healthcare Detailed in New Research Report 2023

July 29 2023

Augmented reality (AR) has emerged as a breakthrough technology to transform the healthcare sector. Combining the real world perfectly…

Magnesium Hydroxide Market Size, Business Outlook 2023-2030

July 28 2023

The magnesium hydroxide market has experienced substantial growth in recent years, due to its versatile properties, advantages…

Forecasts on the Organic Agriculture Market by product type, by distribution channel and 2030 forecast

July 27 2023

The organic farming market has experienced remarkable growth in recent years as consumers increasingly prioritize…

The growing popularity of clear aligners: a revolution in orthodontic treatment

July 25 2023

The field of orthodontics has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, thanks to advances in technology and innovation. One…

The Rising Wave of Medical Device Connectivity: Revolutionizing Healthcare

July 24 2023

In our digital age, technology continues to transform industries, and healthcare is no exception. A worthy development…

Fake generation

July 22 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

Back on January 31, 2022, we published on Laila's blog the first article composed of a generative algorithm, to be clear a…

Fibrinolytic Therapy Market: Treatment Advancement for Thrombotic Conditions

July 22 2023

The field of medicine is constantly evolving and advances in treatment modalities are revolutionizing the care of…

Artificial intelligence: differences between human decision making and artificial intelligence

July 18 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The decision-making process, in this article we analyze the differences between the human and the machine implemented through artificial intelligence.…

Intraosseous infusion devices: strong growth market by 2030

July 15 2023

Intraosseous infusion devices are medical instruments designed to provide access to the vascular system by inserting a needle directly into… StoryLab: research, dissemination and training on generative artificial intelligence and synthetic media

July 12 2023

What we will be able to do with artificial intelligence depends on the type of natural intelligence that we will apply to its use. The narrative is…

Those who produce must cultivate creativity and do everything possible to avoid burnout, according to a study published today

July 7 2023

The manufacturing sector believes the pressure to innovate is greater than ever. A new study sponsored by the manufacturer…

THE LINE: Saudi Arabia's futuristic city is criticized

July 4 2023

The Line is a Saudi project for the construction of a city, composed of a building in the desert that…

Biodiversity: Mail Boxes Etc. chooses 3Bee for a measurable technological project to protect biodiversity

July 3 2023

MBE Worldwide SpA ("MBE") and 3Bee have started a collaboration to give life to the MBE Oasis, a measurable project of protection…

GPT, ChatGPT, Auto-GPT and ChaosGPT for professionals

July 1 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Many people are still confused about GPT, the Generative AI model that has been around for years, compared to ChatGPT,…

Virgin Galactic's first space tourist flight was a great success

June 30 2023

Virgin Galactic has successfully completed its first commercial flight, with the Unity spaceplane reaching a maximum altitude of…

Artificial intelligence to fight the heat and blackouts: the RAFAEL project

June 26 2023

A team of researchers from ENEA, the Bari Polytechnic and the Roma Tre University has developed RAFAEL, an innovative project…

What is ICT Governance, guidelines for the effective and efficient management of Information Technology in your organization

June 24 2023
Ercole Palmeri

ICT governance is an aspect of business management that aims to ensure the management of its IT risks in…

Secret Invasion: Marvel used Artificial Intelligence to produce the intro

June 23 2023

Marvel's Secret Invasion television series premiered this week. The Marvel studio used the technology…

L'Oréal's latest investment is a strong signal towards innovation for sustainable beauty

June 22 2023

The beauty company has made a new investment in a biotech company called Debut through its arm of…

Innovation in the energy sector from space to Earth: the MAPLE project

June 21 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The Caltech institute has declared that it is able to transport solar energy from space to Earth, opening extraordinary prospects for renewable energy.…

What are vector databases, how they work and potential market

June 11 2023
Ercole Palmeri

A vector database is a type of database that stores data as high-dimensional vectors, which are representations…

Amazing, but little-known Python libraries

June 7 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The Python programmer is always looking for new libraries, which can improve the work in the engineering projects of…

Proptech: Digital Revolution in the Real Estate Industry at 'We Make Future'

May 31, 2023

From 15 to 17 June the WMF, Certified International Fair, will offer the opportunity to get in touch with the best of innovation…

Python and advanced methods, dunder functions for better programming

May 27, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Python is a fantastic programming language, and as highlighted by GitHub, it is also the second most popular language in 2022.…

Text analysis with chatGPT

May 16, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Text analysis, or text mining, is a fundamental technique for extracting valuable information from large amounts of textual data…

Elon Musk's brain implant company Neuralink is preparing to test the devices on humans

May 7, 2023

Elon Musk's brain implant company Neuralink is eager to test its devices in humans…

Individualists and transhumans

May 6, 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

“I am the guardian of the ice tombs, where rest the remains of those who have come to change the…

OpenAI and EU data protection rules, after Italy more restrictions to come

May 5, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

OpenAI managed to respond positively to the Italian data authorities and lift the country's effective ban on ChatGPT last…

How artificial intelligence will change the music industry

May 4, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

There was a time when record labels fiercely opposed music streaming. Artificial intelligence is changing the…

Electronic road vignettes in the Czech Republic

May 4, 2023

Travel comfort for many people means being able to get around by car. In Europe there is a large…

Geoffrey Hinton 'Godfather of Artificial Intelligence' resigns from Google and talks about the dangers of technology

May 2, 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Hinton recently quit his job at Google to speak freely about the risks of AI, according to an interview with the 75-year-old…

Artificial Intelligence at the service of architecture: Zaha Hadid Architects

May 1, 2023

Zaha Hadid Architects develops most projects using AI-generated imagery, says studio president Patrik Schumacher…

The Russian Sber launches Gigachat, the rival of ChatGPT

April 28 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Leading Russian tech company Sber announced on Monday the launch of gigachat, its conversational AI app…

Brilliant Idea Aerobotics: Innovative Drones for harvesting fruit directly from trees

April 28 2023

The Israeli company, Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, has designed an autonomous flying robot (FAR), an agricultural drone that uses artificial intelligence (AI)…

Laravel Web Security: What is Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) ?

April 26 2023
Ercole Palmeri

In this Laravel tutorial we talk about Web Security and how to protect a web application from Cross-Site Request Forgery or…

Google launches the "Magi" project to develop a search engine based on artificial intelligence

April 25 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Google is working on a new project codenamed "Magi" to track the competition from search engines…

Italy is the first western country to block ChatGPT. Let's see what other countries are doing

April 24 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Italy has become the first country in the West to ban ChatGPT for alleged privacy violations, the popular chatbot of…

The Neom project, design and innovative architecture

April 23 2023

Neom is one of the largest and most controversial architectural projects. In this article we look at the key details of the development in Saudi Arabia, which…

Weak ethics and artificial morals

April 21 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

"Gerty, we are not programmed. We are people, do you understand that?" - taken from the movie "Moon" directed by Duncan Jones - 2009…

Innovative approach to nutritional assessment, prevents and improves health

April 21 2023

Improving your brain health, cancer survival and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are the three new…

The WMF is back in presence: the 9th edition of the largest Innovation Festival will be held at the Palacongressi in Rimini on 15, 16 and 17 July

April 17 2023

The WMF returns to the Rimini Palacongressi with an edition in which it will be possible to participate in person - with limited places…

All-Italian DNA for the first socio-political essay written by Artificial Intelligence

April 17 2023

The first literary work, a book entirely processed by an Artificial Intelligence system. A socio-political essay titled “You, Robot…

What are sessions in Laravel, configuration and use with examples

April 17 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Laravel sessions allow you to store information, and exchange it between requests in your web application. I am a way…

Regulating AI: 3 experts explain why it's hard to do and important to do well

April 15 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Powerful new AI systems could amplify fraud and misinformation, leading to widespread calls for regulation from…


April 13 2023

A new joint project kicks off in April, which through education, art and science, aims to…

ChaosGPT what it is, how it was born, and the potential threats

April 12 2023

Chaos GPT is a modified version of OpenAI's Auto-GPT based on its latest GPT-4 language model. In a way…

The Big Data and Analytics Market is Growing Again | MongoDB, Azure, Splunk

April 12 2023

HTF MI recently published a study on the Big Data and data analytics market. The studio calls…

Sakuu uses 3D printing to produce fully functional, high-performance automotive batteries

April 11 2023

Sakuu Corporation has been 3D printing high-performance, fully functional automotive batteries since December 2022. These…

What is Laravel Eloquent, how to use it, tutorial with examples

April 10 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The Laravel PHP framework includes Eloquent Object Relational Mapper (ORM), which provides an extremely simple way to communicate with a…

Ticketmaster adopts Web3 technology with introduction of Avenged Sevenfold NFT tickets

April 8 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Ticketmaster, the largest ticket marketplace in the world, has taken a revolutionary step into the world of Web3 technology by introducing…

Google Flights: Google will now guarantee some flight prices and refund you if they get it wrong

April 6 2023

Planning a vacation is always a fun and exciting experience. But sometimes, using Google to find flights, accommodations, and activities…

Privacy in the WEB3: technical and non-technical exploration of privacy in the WEB3

April 5 2023

Privacy in WEB3 is a very topical issue. Inspired by the analysis of Ventures, we tried to explore the…

AI Index Report, HAI released the Artificial Intelligence report

April 4 2023

The AI ​​Index Report is an independent initiative of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), led by the AI ​​Index Steering Committee, a…

What are Laravel components and how to use them

April 3 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Laravel components are an advanced feature, which is added by the seventh version of laravel. In this article we will go to…

The role of AI tokens in the future of the metaverse

April 3 2023

AI tokens will play an increasingly important role in the economy. AI tokens will be used to fund the development of new…

Italy has blocked ChatGPT. Could the US be next?

April 2 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The decision to temporarily block chatGPT in Italy, inviting openAI to limit the processing of data of Italian users, is…

Amazon's Alexa: Blue Ocean Innovation and Strategy

April 2 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Alexa is the virtual assistant we all know, developed and distributed by Amazon. Innovating in the voice assistant sector allows you to operate…

Laravel localization step-by-step guide, tutorial with examples

March 27 2023
Ercole Palmeri

How to localize a Laravel project, how to develop a project in Laravel and make it usable in multiple languages.…

Innovation and growth in the energy transition market, details on growth drivers

March 27 2023

According to the analysis prepared by allied market research, the energy transition market should reach 5,6 trillion dollars by…

Innovative project in Saudi Arabia, gigantic cube-shaped skyscraper in the center of Riyadh

March 26 2023

The Saudi Arabian government has announced the construction of a 400-metre-high cube-shaped skyscraper called Mukaab, as part…

Brilliant Idea LINK: the first ever flip shoe and the best footwear for urban life

March 24 2023

The Link, the first ever flip-shoe, is the revolutionary footwear your urban life has been asking for for a long time. It has the…

ChatGPT chatbot statistics in 2023

March 23 2023
Alexey Begin

The ChatGPT chatbot innovation has intrigued and amazed everyone in the world, with a dizzying increase in interest, reaching 100 million…

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% elected Product of the Year 2023 in the zero alcohol category

March 23 2023

On March 20, 2023, the award ceremony of the eagerly awaited Elected Product of the Year in its 2023 edition was held at the Alcatraz in Milan. This year…

Energy consumption in Formula 1: the reverse of the medal

March 21 2023

Formula 1 is one of the most popular and exciting sporting events in the world. However, behind all that excitement and adrenaline…

Most popular password cracking techniques - learn how to protect your privacy

March 21 2023

To create a strong password, you need to find something that is highly resistant to password cracking. The problem is that it doesn't…

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?

March 20 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Simple question: studying innovation and talking about innovation, we are often asked this question: "What is artificial intelligence? and what is…

Laravel Database Seeder

March 20 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Laravel introduces seeders for creating test data, useful for verifying the project, with an admin user and…

Innovation in biometrics and perception of the payments sector

March 19 2023
Giuseppe Minervino

...the continuous analysis of the image from a camera, the system is able to verify, on an ongoing basis. None of the standard mechanisms…

GPT-4 has arrived! Let's analyze the new features together

March 19 2023
Ercole Palmeri

OpenAI has announced that the most powerful language model available gpt4 will be distributed to developers and people with…

What is Jailbreaking, what is chatGPT jailbreaking and how to do it

March 17 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Jailbreaking is a practice of unlocking the full potential of systems to gain access to limited functionality.…

Moving digital money in a digital world

March 16 2023
Giuseppe Minervino

Security in moving digital money is critical to expanding digital-first payments. As of 2021, 76%…

US lawmakers target TikTok and other tech companies in new bill

March 15 2023
Ercole Palmeri

US lawmakers are once again targeting TikTok, with actions aimed at banning its use. In this…

Microsoft's Bing introduces a new AI-powered chatbot feature

March 14 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Microsoft's Bing has added a new chatbot feature that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions, summarize content…

Vue and Laravel: create a Single Page Application

March 13 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by developers, let's see today how to make a Single Page Application with…

GPT 4 will be released this week – Microsoft Germany CTO leaked some details

March 13 2023

GPT 4.0 will be released this week, and some information about it has been leaked. The CTO of Microsoft Germany has released…

How to use ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo on Apple iPhone IOS devices

March 9 2023

A few days ago, March 1, 2023, OpenAI announced the release of ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo API, a new API…

UN Agenda 2030: Groundbreaking study on how to predict food crises

March 8 2023

A study by New York University has shown that anticipating food crisis epidemics is possible and fundamental,…

Service Providers in Laravel: what they are and how to use Service Providers in Laravel

March 6 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Laravel service providers are the central place where the application is launched. That is, the core services of laravel and…

Market innovations: Solid state batteries

March 6 2023

The boom in battery electric vehicles (BEV) is the result of ideals promoted by governments, regulations and business ethics.…

How to use ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo on Android devices

March 5 2023

A few days ago, March 1, 2023, OpenAI announced the release of ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo API, a new API…

ChatGPT and the best AI alternatives for business

March 4 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support businesses is becoming increasingly popular. Technological innovation, apps and artificial intelligence…

Microsoft unveiled an AI model that recognizes image content and fixes visual problems

March 2 2023

The new model of AI Kosmos-1 is a Multimodal Large Language Model (MLLM), able to respond not only to…

Snapchat is releasing its own ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot

February 28 2023

Snapchat is introducing a chatbot powered by the latest version of OpenAI's ChatGPT. According to Snap's CEO, it's a gamble…

Creating a CRUD App with Laravel and Vue.js

February 27 2023

In this tutorial we see together how to write the code of an example CRUD App, with Laravel and Vue.js. There…

Meta launches the LLaMA model, a more powerful search tool than OpenAI's GPT-3

February 25 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Meta has recently released a new AI language generator called LLaMA, confirming the role of a highly innovative company. "Today…

Google Photos introduces the "magic eraser" on non-Pixel devices

February 24 2023

Google has announced its popular AI-powered photo editing tool, Magic Eraser, new features will be available for…

How to use Spotify DJ, the new DJ with Artificial Intelligence

February 23 2023

Spotify introduces a new AI-powered DJ feature that curates and commentates on an ever-evolving personalized playlist.…

What is Crowdsourcing, advantages and disadvantages

February 23 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The word crowdsourcing comes from the union of the words "crowd" and outsourcing. It can be seen as the process that allows, to a…

How to use Laravel with Vue.js 3

February 20 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Vue.js is one of the most used JavaScript framevorks for creating web interfaces and single page applications, along with…

How to install ChatGPT locally on your computer

February 19 2023
Ercole Palmeri

We can install ChatGPT on our computer, and in this article we are going to see together how to install ChatGPT on the computer in…

How to use the new Bing AI with ChatGPT and what you can do

February 17 2023

Microsoft has released the new version of its Bing AI search engine. In this article we will see how to use…

JavaScript exercises with solution for Basic JavaScript training course

February 15 2023

List of java script exercises with solution for Java Basic training course. The numbering of the exercise is indicative of the level…

PHP exercises with PHP Basic training course solution

February 15 2023

List of PHP exercises with solution for Basic PHP training course. The numbering of the exercise is indicative of the level of…

Laravel middleware how it works

February 13 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Laravel middleware is an intermediate application layer that intervenes between the user's request and the application's response. This…

Brilliant Idea Altilia: Intelligent Automation platform

February 13 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Intelligent Automation Platform capable of Automating the processing of complex documents The Altilia platform, no-code and cloud-native, provides the company…

GitHub what it is and how to use it

February 12 2023
Ercole Palmeri

GitHub is a piece of software widely used by software development teams, for development version control. Is useful…

What is Google Bard, the anti ChatGPT artificial intelligence

February 8 2023

Google Bard is an AI-powered online chatbot. The service uses information collected from the Internet to generate responses…

Coinnect presents Ransomware Intelligence Global Report 2023

February 8 2023

Ransomware Intelligence Global Report 2023, a comprehensive overview of ransomware attacks recorded by global organizations in 2021 and 2022…

What is Risk-Based Quality Management

February 7 2023

Risk-Based Quality Management is a methodology based on the concept of identifying risks on an ongoing basis. Application…

Laravel namespaces: what they are and how they work

February 6 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Namespaces in Laravel are definited as a class of elements, where each element has a name other than…

What is pip, what does it mean and how does it work?

February 3 2023
Ercole Palmeri

PIP is an acronym, which stands for Package installer for Python. pip is a tool used in python to install…

The actions of the FORM modules: POST and GET

January 30 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The method attribute on the element specifies how data is sent to the server. HTTP methods declare what action to be performed…

Laravel: What are laravel Views

January 30 2023
Ercole Palmeri

In the MVC framework, the letter "V" stands for Views, and in this article we will see how to use views in Laravel. Separate the application logic…

JQuery, how can we implement dynamic effects with JQuery

January 28 2023
Ercole Palmeri

With JQuery you can create dynamic effects, animations and fades by acting on the elements of an HTML page. In this article we will see…

What is a Single Page Application and what is Vue.js

January 23 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Vue.js is a progressive and open source JavaScript framework, used to develop interactive web user interfaces and page applications…

Laravel: introduction to laravel routing

January 23 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Routing in Laravel allows users to route all application requests to the appropriate controller. Most of the routes…

The algorithmic recipe for the apocalypse

January 23 2023
Gianfranco Fedele

“There have always been ghosts in cars. Random code segments that group together to form protocols…

JQuery, what it is and what we can do with the JavaScript library

January 22 2023
Ercole Palmeri

jQuery is a fast, lightweight, and feature-rich JavaScript library based on the "write less, do more" principle. The bees…

What is Software Testing, what does it mean to test software

January 20 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Software testing is a set of processes to investigate, evaluate and ascertain the completeness and quality…

What is extreme programming (XP) ?, on what values, principles and practices is it based

January 19 2023
Ercole Palmeri

You are familiar with programming, but Extreme Programming (XP for short) is still a bit of a mystery to you. Not…

eCommerce trends for 2023, what can we expect in the current year from the world of online commerce

January 18 2023

We have analyzed the eCommerce sector, trying to understand what the main trends will be in 2023, with particular attention to the news…

Brilliant idea DigiMarkAI: Generate social media posts through artificial intelligence

January 18 2023
Ercole Palmeri

DigiMarkAI is an innovative system, a brilliant idea, able to help you publish content on social networks. Thanks to…

What is Composer for PHP, features and how to use it

January 17 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Composer is an open source dependency management tool for PHP, primarily created to facilitate the distribution and…

What is Laravel, how it works and basic architecture for creating WEB applications

January 16 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Laravel is a PHP-based web framework for building high-end web applications, using its…

What is Network Marketing, what is MLM, Business Models

January 16 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is a business model in which independent representatives sell…

In a fragmented world, it is technology that brings us together

January 14 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Globalization has made supply chains, literally supply chains, more complex and consequently more vulnerable At the height of…

The Politecnico di Milano prepares the Car for the self-driving race and Vince

January 12 2023

At CES in Las Vegas POLIMOVE wins for the second time and also sets a new world speed record…

The Ocean Race to collect more environmental data than any other sporting event in the world

January 12 2023
Ercole Palmeri

The round-the-world regatta will measure microplastic pollution, collect information on the impact of climate change on the oceans, and collect data…

ChatGPT the artificial intelligence that could make a difference

January 10 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Artificial intelligence is disrupting everything, ChatGPT could be a game changer, even for trillion dollar companies Last month,…

Cove the litter box with a modern design

January 4 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Cove is an innovative cat litter box designed by cat designers, engineers and behaviorists, an excellent alternative to traditional litter…

Waymo's robotaxis operate by taking passengers to the Phoenix airport

January 3 2023
Ercole Palmeri

Waymo's robotaxis are ready to transport passengers to and from the Phoenix airport. The Alphabet company says it…

VLC technology, communicating quickly is possible

December 22 2022
Ercole Palmeri

VLC technology, i.e. visible light communication (VLC), is the transmission of data using light. As transmitters are used the…

What is meant by Internet of Behavior, will IoB be the future?

December 22 2022
Ercole Palmeri

The IoB (Internet of Behavior) can be considered as a natural consequence of the IoT. The IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of…

What does DCIM mean and what is a DCIM

December 22 2022
Ercole Palmeri

DCIM means “Data center infrastructure management”, in other words “Data Center Infrastructure Management”. The data center is a structure,…

Cyber ​​Security: Top 3 “non-technical” cyber security trends for 2023

December 21 2022
Ercole Palmeri

Cybersecurity is not just about technology. The non-technical aspects, such as the management of people, processes and…

Organic animal robots for more sustainable agriculture: BABots

December 20 2022
Ercole Palmeri

The "Babots" project is entirely based on innovative technology, biological robot-animals with applications concerning sustainable agriculture and land reclamation…

Campus Peroni for the ecological transition of agri-food

December 14 2022
Ercole Palmeri

Campus Peroni has proposed a new eco-systemic model in three phases: traceability, through technology blockchain, to allow the collection…

What is the vector format of images and what is it for

December 12 2022
Ercole Palmeri

If you have ever worked with images you will have come across a request for an image of the type…


December 12 2022
Ercole Palmeri

Unioncamere rewards the collaboration project between the company and ITS Aerospace Fondazione Meccatronica Piemonte The first prize "Stories of Alternanza"…

confirmed among the leading companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

December 11 2022
Ercole Palmeri

confirmed for the thirteenth consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) of S&P Global, positioning itself with…

Metaverse Fashion Week returns in Spring 2023 to showcase advances in digital fashion and interoperability

December 8 2022
Ercole Palmeri

The web3 revolution continues next year with an annual exploration of what fashion will look like in virtual worlds, with…

The Veneto delivery app records +110% in 2022, exceeding 2 million euros in turnover with 30.000 orders

December 7 2022
Ercole Palmeri

Ale Fresh Market, the fresh product delivery app founded in 2020 by Alessandro Andretta, exceeds 2 million…


December 7 2022
Ercole Palmeri

SIFI, a leading pharmaceutical company in the development of innovative solutions for the treatment of eye diseases, is pleased to announce the…

Java exercises for Java Base training course

October 9, 2022

List of java exercises with solution for Java Base training course. The numbering of the exercise is indicative of the level of ...

Cyber ​​attack: what it is, how it works, objective and how to prevent it: example of the spread of Malware

July 20 2022
Ercole Palmeri

A Malware cyber attack is definible as hostile activity against a system, tool, application, or…

Cyber ​​attack: what it is, how it works, its objective and how it can be prevented

May 25, 2022
Ercole Palmeri

A cyber attack is definible as hostile activity against a system, tool, application, or…

Classification of Machine Learning Algorithms: Linear Regression, Classification and Clustering

August 16 2020
Ercole Palmeri

Machine Learning has great similarities with mathematical optimization, which provides methods, theories and application domains. Machine learning comes ...

What is the Theory of Constraints, advantages and disadvantages

April 8 2018
Ercole Palmeri

The Theory of Constraints is an approach applicable to the management of company operations. Basically, the theory of constraints is a ...

The 5 types of Leadership: characteristics for managing leadership

May 22, 2017
Ercole Palmeri

The theme of Leadership is very vast and complex, so much so that there isn't one defiunivocal definition of the term nor a manual…

What is Corporate Innovation: some ideas to best implement it

April 27 2017
Ercole Palmeri

There is a lot of talk about corporate innovation, and usually the term refers to everything that is new and revolutionary.…

Content Marketing Innovation with Memory and Personality

December 6 2023
Ercole Palmeri

ASKtoAI launches the innovative Memory and Personality features, cutting-edge tools for the creation of digital content that promise to improve…

Discuss opens a new era of qualitative research with expanded GenAI and asynchronous innovation

December 6 2023

Discuss, the leading platform purpose-built for turning experiences into insights, has enhanced its capabilities to scale…

Unwrapping Innovation: Blue Lake Packaging Announces Fiber-Based, Plastic-Free Alternative to Traditional Tape and Dispensers

December 6 2023

With the holidays quickly approaching, Blue Lake Packaging is excited to offer an eco-friendly alternative to packing tape…

Netlogistik Innovation Day Recap: Cold Chain Digital Transformation, Recycling Innovations and Supply Chain Leadership

December 6 2023

Netlogistik, a leader in powerful services that drive companies towards digital supply chain transformation, recently held…

Lattice partners with NVIDIA to accelerate edge AI

December 6 2023

Announces an integrated solution that combines low-power, low-latency Lattice FPGAs with the NVIDIA Orin…

Textile Evolution: Taiwan Textile Federation's TEPP Project Inspires Sustainable Innovation Beyond 2023

December 5 2023

In a resounding success, the Textile Export Promotion Project (TEPP), led by the Taiwan Textile Federation in 2023, has…

Lattice continues the rapid expansion of the product portfolio that enables the next era of innovation

December 5 2023

Lattice introduces the new Lattice Avant-G and Lattice Avant-X mid-range FPGAs, specific solution stacks for expanded applications and…

Learn more about knowledge management and innovation for law firms with a new treatise written by experts

December 5 2023

Innovation for knowledge management and innovation (KM&I) professionals. A comprehensive reference is now available in the legal sector…

Eclipse Foundation Launches Eclipse Dataspace Working Group to Advance Global Innovation in Trusted Data Sharing

December 5 2023

The Eclipse Foundation, one of the world's largest open source software foundations, today announced the formation of the Eclipse…

Clear Aligners Global Strategic Review Report 2023

December 5 2023

Global clear aligner market to reach $29,9 billion by 2030The global market is expected to…

Trends and innovations in the food anti-caking agents market

December 4 2023

The food anti-caking agents market plays a crucial role in the food industry. These agents are additives that prevent the formation of lumps…

Radical innovations meet sustainable solutions: dive into the new era of polymers at the PE, PP and De-fossilized PET conference

December 4 2023

The “De-fossilized Sustainable PE, PP & PET” conference has been added to's offering. The landscape of the chemical and polymer industry is undergoing…

OKX Announces Sponsorship of Key Events at India Blockchain Week, Will Co-Host Developer Events Showcasing Web3 Innovations

December 4 2023

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, today announced its sponsorship of key events in India Blockchain Week (IBW), which will take place…

Global Pharmaceutical Collaborative Robots Market Report 2023-2030: Cobots Takle Center Stage – A Pivotal Strategy for Pharma Manufacturing Efficiency and Innovation

December 3 2023

The Pharmaceutical Collaborative Robots Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report by Application (Harvesting and Packaging,…